Thursday, October 25, 2018

5B Classroom: Week of October 22nd

A note from Mrs. Burke:
I am looking forward to meeting with parents and students during conferences next week.  Students have been working hard to put together their electronic conference portfolio to share with you during conferences.  Since students will be sharing their work with you next week at conference, they will not be posting to the blog this upcoming week.   

Take a look at what student reporters posted this week:

Language Arts:  The American Revolution
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What did you learn this week about the American Revolution from reading the book Divided Loyalties?

I have learned that Loyalist would have hot tar poured on them then have feathers dumped on them by the Patriots.

I learned that people tar and feather people.

In ELA we have been reading a reader theaters book, so far we have read three scenes. So far we are learning about the Barton family. Robert is one of the main characters. He is the dad of the Barton family.

Reading Groups: Books about the American Revolution
Image result for i survived the american revolution 1776            Image result for woods runner

How is the book I Survived the American Revolution, 1776 or Woods Runner
connected to what you are learning about in language arts?

We are learning about the American Revolution in language arts, too. I’m reading I Survived the American Revolution, 1776.

We are reading I Survived the American Revolution. We got to the 3rd chapter.

It connected to what I’m learning in language arts because it talks about a child’s life in the American Revolution. This child shows another point of view in the Revolution.

I am reading Woods Runner and so far it is a really good book and we all get to read one or two paragraphs at a time and then another person will get a chance to read it. It's really fun and interesting.

In reading groups we have been reading a book called Wood Runner. We almost got to chapter 1 but then ran out of time. In ELA we are learning about the American Revolution and in the book it contributes to ELA.

Second Step: Taking Others’ Perspectives
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What does it mean to take another person’s perspective?

Taking another person’s perspective means to think about what they are thinking and feeling. Kind of like empathy, except it’s not only how they feel, it’s also what they are thinking, pondering, worried about, and also the actions they might do. Taking someone else’s perspective gives you their view of the world, and what is going on. If you don’t take perspective a lot, you should do it more often. If you do, keep it up!

Class Counsel with Ms. Keel
What did you learn in Ms. Keel’s class this week? How did Bluey Louie help you
understand Ms. Keel’s lesson?

Class counsel with Mrs. Keel was about how bullying works and how we tore apart
Buey Louie and then put him back together, but he was not the same as before like
one of his legs was falling off.

This week when we were with Ms. Keel we learned about Bluey Louie.  Bluey Louie is a blue paper man. So our activity was to say a rude hate comment to him and rip a piece of him off. So I said “ YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS!” and then after that you need to say a nice comment so I said “DO YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS”? And he said YES!!  But I feel like this activity helped all of us for bullying because if you say a rude comment to him you can't take it back because your comment is out there! But if you say a nice comment it could help them feel better but NOT always! He still won't be the same!

What I learned from Bluey Louie, is that you can either make someone’s day good or bad with any amount of words. With two words, you can say, “Hello, doofus!” This is not nice. But you can also say, “Good morning!” With the exact same amount of words. Another thing I learned, is that you can change what you say just a little bit, and you can go from rude to nice with the slightest change. You can go from, “You’re crazy.” to “You’re cool!” Just change four words! Simple!

Yes, there is Bluey Louie. Bluey Louie was a piece of paper that we “Bullied.” Afterwards we all had to figure out a way to turn our rude comments around. But we all knew that we couldn’t take back every word, it still hurts him. The words can’t fully be taken back, and it sticks with them.

We are doing something with Bluey Louie the paper man and at first we will say something mean then after we all go we will say something nice to him and when we said something mean we will rip a little peace off of him when we say something nice we put him back together.

With Ms.Keel we have been learning about bullying prevention and we had to say something mean to paper Bluey Louie and then he got ripped up each mean word and then we had to say something nice and then put him back together. I like class council this year.

In Ms. Keel’s class this week I learned that bullying is not good. Bluey Louie got taken about by mean words.  By using kind words we rebuilt him. I learned that even after you say kind words, Bluey Louie might still not be the same.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

5B Classroom: Week of October 15th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
It's almost time for parent teacher conferences.  If you are interested in having a conference, please click on this link to sign up by Wednesday, October 24th. Students have been working hard on their electronic portfolio that they will be presenting to you during your scheduled conference.  I will send a conference confirmation after October 24th.

Take a look at what our student reporters wrote on our blog this weeek:

Language Arts:  The American Revolution
Image result for Divided Loyalties

What type of book is Divided Loyalties?  
What did you learn about the American Revolution from reading Divided Loyalties?

I learned that the American Revolution split up families because of which side they were on. Either the British who wanted America not to be independent or the Americans who wanted to be independent.

It was fun to read in Divided Loyalties that the Boston Massacre started when a soldier got hit with a snowball.

Divided Loyalties is a readers theater book. A readers theater book is a play, but as a book, so it gives you information.

Social Studies:  Colonial America
Image result for The middle colonies

What did you learn this week about the middle colonies?

Something I learned in social studies is the middle colonies. Some of the middle colonists came from Sweden, Holland, Scotland, and Ireland.

Image result for math
What are you learning about in math?

In math we are doing “Pascal's Triangle.” It has a lot of patterns and math in it. Some kids don’t like it but I think it is really fun and it helps your brain grow.

We are learning about ¨pemdas¨ which is an order of operation you can do to solve math problems.

In math me are learning about PEMDAS and pemdas is:
Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction. We are also learning about Pascal’s triangle.

I learned about pemdas and what it means. I also learned about triangles.

In math, we are learning about the acronym, PEMDAS. PEMDAS stands for Parentheses, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction.  PEMDAS is a very helpful acronym, and has helped me solve very difficult equations.

We are learning about pascal's triangle and pemdas. Pemdas stands for parentheses, exponent, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

Read Aloud:  Wonder:
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What happened in the chapters in Wonder that we read this week?  
What strategies could you have used from Second Step that would have made Auggie feel more welcome in his new school?

We read more of Wonder this week, and it’s escalated to more of a problem. Julian is one of the kids giving Auggie (Main character) a tour. On the tour, there’s Jack Will, Charlotte, and Julian. Jack Will and Charlotte are kind to August, and respect that he looks different. Julian then brings up, “What happened to your face?” To ask a “question.” Mr.Tushman said that they should ask questions, but that was not the right thing to ask. It hurts people. Julian is one of those kids who act nice in front of adults, and different without. We have kids in our school with differences, too! They are kind, and just kids that shouldn’t be hearing such talk at that age, like Auggie. What I would do if I was in Julian’s place, I would ask him about school! He’s new so you shouldn’t make them feel unsafe, or scared to go to school. It’s nice to start off light with questions, not too much. I would start off with something like, “Is homeschooling like our school?” or “Do you feel comfortable at school?” You need to get to know them so they aren’t alone, especially if they’re self conscious.

Something that happened in Wonder is that Auggie went to school for the first time. Something you could say to Auggie to welcome him is, “What is your favorite subject?”

Wolves on the Prowl:

What did you learn during Wolves on the Prowl this week?

This week in wolves we hiked Gile Mountain. Some of us went to the top of the fire tower.

This week in wolves we hiked Gile mountain in Norwich. At the top, there was a fire tower. We all got to climb to the top! As we climbed down, it started to hail! This hike was are first official wolves trip.

This week in Wolves On The Prowl, we learned that we need to be quiet and respectful on the bus to and from where we are going to do Wolves. This week we did a hike. We hiked Mt. Gile, and went up the firehouse on the top. Lucky for us, we were allowed to explore the woods. Some of the things we did while exploring were: rock-climbing, racing, playing with sticks in a very small pond, and jumping into large piles of leaves. Playing in nature is a lot more fun than it sounds, so go try it!