Sunday, June 3, 2018

5B Classroom Blog: Week of May 28th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
This is likely our last blog for the school year.  As we gear up for the 5th grade graduation celebration on June 12th, I want to take this time to thank you for sharing your children with me.  It has been a pleasure to work with them and see them grow, physically and intellectually, over the school year.  They are a wonderful group who are kind, considerate, hard working, and it's such a joy to see them come into the room each day smiling and happy to be in school.  They are lucky to have each other as they move to middle school next year.  I will miss them and wish them much success in the next school year. They have been one of the best behaved classes I have ever had, as well as one of the most inquisitive and eager to learn, and for that I am truly grateful.  Also, I want to thank you, the parents and guardians, for your continued support.  I greatly appreciate it. 

Please keep reading to see what our student reporters posted.

Art Class: Portraits inspired by the book Wonder

Image result for wonder by rj palacio

Some of my favorite words I included to describe myself are animals, Vermont,
and Minnesota.

My portrait of myself in art class, based on the book Wonder, was really cool
because I felt really good about it, and I felt like it described me as a person.
I used some words like “smart, funny, artsy” and other words such as “Anime,
Cats, Mom, Animals”. I really did enjoy this last art class as a fifth grader at the
amazing OQS.

The Wonder project was really fun and I used words like Baseball, Alexander
Hamilton, My shot and the My Shot and Alexander Hamilton is Hamilton Broadway
act. Bennett and I got a little bit silly and we started making Water Tornadoes and
Water Hurricanes.
~ Colby

The portrait I made in art class for Wonder was about what we think we were.  We
first had to draw a outline of our face and hair then we had to put 50 words about
ourselves on the piece of paper.  After that we just painted our hair black as they
are in the book.

The Spring Concert:
My favorite parts of the concert were singing Footloose, and playing songs with
the band.

I was personally not a fan of the songs, but that’s just my opinion. It was also very
difficult to transition from band songs to music songs, Band, Music, Band, Music
and  band, then Music. Although the song selection wasn’t the best, I still was glad
that people showed up, my family showed, and there were so many applauses.I’m
sad now, that we don’t get to do anymore though, it was kinda fun, for only one

My most Favorite part of the Concert is Band and the Songs I loved are Rock this
Band, Shine, Lullaby For Winds, Duet of The Crusaders, Frere Jacques, and More.
Also, I loved the beginning when we were holding the signs because I was holding
the Babies cry sign and it made a ton of people laugh! I also loved the song
Footloose that we did and we were doing funny movements that I liked. We also
did a song called Lets Make Some Music and in that song people from Band
playing the Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, and Percussion got to go to the front and pretend to play their instrument but percussion actually did and I played the Gong. But still it was really fun and it was a great last OQS concert but I am so sad that it went by too fast.
~ Colby

I truly didn’t have a favorite part of the concert because the whole thing was
great and lots of people were very excited (including me!) and those people
were funnier, had better effort, and were more expressive than they have ever
been before.

My favorite part of the concert was the song “Let’s Make Some Music Today”.
This song was about making music with different instruments. Since I am a
trumpeter in the OQS band, I got to stand in the front of the whole bleachers
and demonstrate the sounds my instrument  made. Since the song already
had trumpet sounds in it, I had to pretend to play different notes. At the very
end of the song Matthew, Paige and I did a funny/serious pose with each
other. Paige kneeled down in front while Matthew and I stood back to back
behind her to make an arc. But the best part of the song was when all the
little kids got excited when we brought out our instruments and gave us
high-fives. I hope that all of them are inspired to join band in the fifth grade.



Creating the 5th Grade Yearbook:
One thing I liked most about creating my yearbook page is that we could design
it to represent our personalities and likings. On my yearbook page I included a
list of my friends, some information about me and pictures of me and my friends.

I loved creating our yearbook pages, mostly because I really got to express myself,
and how I personally experienced 5B at OQS. I also added some fun and cute
photosof my friends andI things I love to do, and animals I love. I for one, absolutely love manatees, just because they look so cute and cuddly. I love to dance too, but I’ve always been super shy about doing it in from of other people. But overall, I love how my yearbook page came out.

The thing I liked most about doing my Yearbook page is taking the pictures and
writing about my OQS stuff. Also, I got a little bit silly in the Yearbook photos
because my friends and I did a Pyramid and in one of my photos Nolan gave
me a piggyback ride and right after the picture we tumbled. Also, in other peoples pictures I got picked up and one of them I got swung like a Hammock.
~ Colby

The thing I liked most about creating my yearbook page is that I knew it would
give people who didn’t know me very well a chance to get to know me as a
person better, and that my yearbook page would leave a footprint of mine in
OQS that will probably remain for a long time.

The OQS Talent Show:
It is an honor to be participating in the Ottauquechee School talent show. For my
act I am playing Let it Be by the Beatles on my violin. I can't wait to see all my
friends acts.



End of Year Reflections: 
Some things that I have enjoyed most about 5th grade are just the people,
I would say. I mean all the kids are very nice and sweet, but the teachers
are wonderful and understanding. This is what made the year special.
- Faith

Some things I've enjoyed most about fifth grade are being able to play the
saxophone in band, choosing one of the spring concert songs, hiking with
Wolves on the Prowl, participating in Garden Club, and posting entries on
the 5B blog.

A thing I enjoyed was drawing alone, being alone, and having fun during
times with freedom.

I have enjoyed almost everything about 5th grade and I wish it would never
end. Sadly, good things must always come to an end, though. I hope the next
5th grade has as much fun, if not more, next year.

I must admit that I am quite sad to be writing my last blog post. Some of my
favorite fifth grade moments are the first day of school and when I made some
of my best friends. I really enjoyed the after school STEAM Team. I took apart
a digital watch and an analog watch and put them back together again and they
worked! I even have memories of the open house before kindergarten. I got to
go on my very first bus ride and I got a tour of the school. I also remember my
first gym class when I was told I had to wear sneakers… I was wearing these
nice shoes. I remember when I was in kindergarten and I was able to count all
the way to one hundred. That was an amazing moment for me. Now I am able
to count way, way past one hundred. I also remember the last day of fourth grade
when I received a certificate for for being the 'expert essay writer'. My favorite
teachers are Mrs. Bourne who moved on to be the principal at the Hartland school. Another of my favorite teachers is Mrs. Fosdick who taught first grade. That year I read all the Dr. Seuss books. As a prize I got a Dr. Seuss stuffy that I still have today. And lastly, Mrs. Dumont who taught third grade and fourth grade. My sister just recently finished all of the Dr. Seuss books. I am looking forward to seeing what her prize will be. I could only imagine how proud she will be. Mrs. Dumont and her husband led STEAM Team which was really fun. I know that when I move on to go to the Hartford Memorial Middle School I will have wonderful thoughts of this school that I have been at for seven years.

There are so many things I love about 5th grade, it’s going to be hard to fit them
all, so I’ll only put in a little. There have been a few challenges, like setting an
example for the little kids, trying not to be immature, and I could go on and on.
Even though there were challenges, I didn’t let them get the best of me. I had
so much fun at OQS, I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for Middle School.

I am going to miss fifth grade so much because we have had soooooooooooo
much good memories I hope everyone is going to love Mrs. Burke as much as
I did.

I enjoyed having Mrs. Burke as a teacher and Ms. Rhoades is also really cool.
I liked having the catapult battle with the entire class.

I've enjoyed being friends with Logan and Mrs. Burke!!!!!!!!

Some of the most favorite things I enjoyed are Math, ELA, Steam, more things
I have never done in other grades. The teachers, and D.E.A.R time and band I
loved. In band we are learning some songs called Let’s Go Blue! and The Lost
Tomb that I play the tomb tomb that is a type of Bongo Drum.
~ Colby

There are many moments and much more I have enjoyed most about 5th grade.
Some of the many things that I enjoyed most was mostly with friends. One moment
was in the winter with Paige and Bennett, where we were building this snow hut that
was part of a revolutionary role play. Another moment was not to long ago when it was
gym, but outside, when Paige, Nolan, Bennett, and I were all playing 500 . The last
but not least favorite part of 5th grade is math with Ms. Rhoades. These are just some
of the many memories and much more that I have enjoyed most about 5th grade.

I've enjoyed having a new teacher and meeting new friends and getting to know
them. I also enjoyed Esperanza Rising and the monologue we made. I also loved to play American trivia with my class. I especially loved the colonial trade fair. There was a lot of things that were fun in 5th grade but these were my favorites. I am going to miss being in this school when I go off to middle school.

Some of my end of year reflections are: Sometimes there is drama. But I have
many friends. 5th grade was so fun and I will never forget my year in 5th grade.

Some of the things I have enjoyed in fifth grade include- Colonial studies,
Math Class, Regions of the United States, Snack time, PE, and Recess,
Because who doesn’t like recess.

The things I've enjoyed most about 5th grade is probably the amazing
teachers and students.  All the learning and fun. All the excitement and
enthusiasm. Walking through the hallways I keep thinking to myself, “The
school year is really almost done.  Wow!” Each day I would come into the
building excited. This is our last blog post. I remember when Mrs. Burke
introduced the idea of the blog posting. Everyone started going nuts.  We
were squealing. I am writing this as a fifth grader going to middle school
soon. I will miss this school so much knowing that they not only taught us
math and ELA, etc, but also how important it is to learn.

I will miss the school and 5th grade. This year has bean fun and I kind of
want it to go on. Enjoying the year was my goal this year and I have to say
the teachers and students made it really easy. I really enjoyed this year.

5th grade is amazing in so many ways. Some things I’ve enjoyed about 5th
grade are the projects, being the oldest in the school, the social snack time,
the teachers, playing board games, and of course STEAM. This was the first
year of STEAM, and I’m excited to start STEM at the middle school.
~ Paige