Saturday, September 30, 2017

5B Classroom News: Week of Sept. 25th

A note from Mrs. Burke:  I placed the book orders on Thursday.  Books should be arriving in 7 - 10 business days.  Thank you to everyone who placed an order.  I used the bonus points I received from the orders to purchase new books to add to our classroom library for all of the students to enjoy!

Classroom Reporters
We 5th graders are classroom reporters. We are reporting what is happening this week.


In math, we are learning about the 3 dimensions of a 3D shape.  Two of the dimensions of the shape are called the base.  They touch the ground.  We also learned about large math equations and factors.


Language Arts

Image result for Esperanza Rising
In Esperanza Rising, we have been learning about the rights that some Mexicans do and don’t have. We also have been reading the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and how everyone should be treated fairly. Esperanza is very sad that Papa has recently died.

Science:  Engineering & Design

Lego Battle


TheProblem:  Two Lego men named Bob and Jack aren’t getting along.  They are about to go to battle.  The town has decided that they may design a catapult to help them in battle.  The town council agreed that they may both only use the supplies provided by the town.

We built catapults to knock down little Lego man using mini marshmallows to do so.
We build catapults out of Popsicle sticks, (about 10 in. long  to about the size of your pointer finger), rubber bands, (thick and slim), and a bottle cap, (to hold the marshmallow).

Students testing their catapults...

The Lego Battles begin...

We have been doing 4 rounds in the Lego battle and there is one game right now that is the final round and Alex and Cordelia are battling in the final round and the match is going on for 45 Minutes!!

The final Lego Battle was played over 2 days...


The Lego Battle winner is...

The 5th grade took their catapults outside to challenge each other one more time:

Image result for second stepImage result for second step

In Second Step we have been talking about rumors.  We have been doing this because the first week we had a rumor. We talked about what we know about them. Then we had another rumor that happened. So Mrs. Burke said we should do a Second Step. We talked about what to do if we hear a rumor.  One idea could be if you hear a rumor, tell a teacher. You could also keep it to yourself. A fun game that relates to gossip and rumors is telephone. That is because people hear something and change it into something else which is like starting a rumor.


Rumors and spreading gossip is very harmful because someone can sometimes say something that can hurt the person that the gossip is about, and can be not true, or it can be something very private. In Second Step we have been learning about rumors and gossip, and how it can be harmful.


Read Aloud

In the book  Twenty-One Balloons professor Sherman finds an island with a cave full of diamonds and they were all different sizes.  If he brought them to the mainland other poeple would discover the island.



DENS is a place where some teachers group kids from each grade get together.  If you want to know what DENS is well, DENS means “Doesn't Everyone Need Someone?” We sometimes play games, sometimes talk about hobbies, likings, and a lot other stuff. You can tell your DENS group your feelings about anything too, to get it out. I really like DENS, and I like how they can always help out.

In DENS we drew pictures of things that we liked.

We were with the kindergarteners yesterday and my kindergarten buddy got his golden paw drawn.  I was so happy and I said,  “Congrats buddy, you got it!" Then I brought the kindergartner to my DENS group and that will be their group for a while.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

5B Classroom News: Week of Sept. 18th

Open House
I enjoyed talking with many parents of my students during our open house this week. It was a great turn out and the students were very proud to show their parents around our classroom.  If you couldn't make it to our open house, I sent home a packet of information with your child on Friday that I distributed during open house. 

Classroom Reporters
The students wrote their first entries for our classroom blog this week.  They took their classroom reporter role very seriously and had a lot to share!  Keep reading to see what they shared this week.

We are doing fun math and some interesting games and I like math this year. We are working on a project called “Brad's Baseballs” where we are trying to find all of the possible ways to box all 24 of Brad's baseballs.

We are working on baseball things with cubes and things.

Language Arts
Image result for Esperanza Rising

In the book Esperanza Rising it started out by Esperanza getting pricked by pricker on a rose and then Esperanza’s papa was killed on her 13th birthday and she was upset. Mama is getting threatened by the uncles and Esperanza and mamma have to move out, and the uncles said you will regret this. I will recommend this to people who like to read fun books.

I love this book. I think this book it is a great book so far and I would definitely read it again if it stays at this pace.

Esperanza Rising has lots of adventure, and has great meanings to it. I definitely recommend this book to many. So far Esperanza, papa, and mama, have been having a lot of bad luck like papa has died, the uncle is trying to marry the mama, and Esperanza is depressed that papa has been killed by someone and now papa has missed Esperanza’s birthday. Many kids in my class think/suspect that the uncle has killed papa, or maybe the bandits, or either of the stepbrothers. I really like this book and I definitely recommend this book.
I LOVE THE BOOK IT HAS SO MUCH ADVENTURE!!!!!!  The book is exciting at times and at the same time it can be sad that Papa was killed the day before Esperanza’s 13th birthday.

Esperanza’s father was killed right before her 13th birthday.
Esperanza is sad because when her father came back, he did not come back alive. I feel very sorry for Esperanza, Miguel, Mama, and basically everyone but Tio Luis and Tio Marco.

Science: The Engineering & Design Process

Paper Bridges
We are having a blast in science learning about the engineering design process!

Hi I am Larkyn, one of Mrs. Burke's 5th Grade students. I love 5th Grade. In 5th Grade we are working on Engineering.

This was fun and challenging to do! It  is a fun project, and we have had lots of improvement on our designing skills.

When engineering the paper bridge we tried to fold a little, but that did not work so we folded it into an accordion shape.



We have been building a prototype of a catapult  with marshmallows, Popsicle sticks, a rubber band, and bottle cap.  We have only done the research.
         - Ella  

We are learning  about catapults and are going to be building a prototype.
         -Lucy Bloom

We have been working on the engineering process.  We have also been building prototypes.  We are currently researching catapults.

In school we are learning about Engineering and we might build a catapult today.

Second Step

Image result for second stepImage result for second step

The students in 5B are currently learning about attentive listening and empathy. The class did an activity about attentive listening. The activity was where one person in the class starts with saying what they would bring on a picnic. They say: “ I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring....” and then they say something they could bring that starts with A. Then the next person goes and they say exactly what the prior person said except they add something to the list of things they would bring but it has to start with  the letter B. Then the next person goes but adds something that starts with the letter C. And so on. Another thing we did was watch a video called “Walk, Walk, Walk.”

We are learning about empathy and lots of fun stuff and some not fun stuff like “Walk, Walk, Walk,” but it's funny.

These are important life lessons to learn about.

So far in Second Step we have been listening to this song called “Walk, Walk, Walk.” Not many people like the song and the tune to it, but it DOES have meaning to it, like walking in other people's shoes, and showing empathy. Next we are going to listen to some other songs like “Walk, Walk, Walk.” Soon enough we are going to be watching the short films in Second Step. Many really like Second Step, and some don't. I like it (except for the song) because it teaches you lots.

In school we listen to a song called “Walk, Walk, Walk.