Sunday, February 18, 2018

5B Classroom News: Week of Feb. 18th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
Happy Valentine's Day to all of my students!  We exchanged Valentines on Wednesday.  I hope everyone has a relaxing February break.  Keep reading to see what our classroom reporters wrote about this week.

Language Arts:  Esperanza Rising: Which Human Right Has Been Threatened?

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My monologue group and I decided that the main human right that was
threatened was article 2, don't discriminate, of the Universal Declaration of
human Rights (UDHR). We chose this article because the character Isabel
was not chosen to be Queen of the May. The reason that she was not Queen
of the May is because she is Mexican. My monologue is narrated by the
teacher that decides who is going to be Queen of the May. It is very
challenging on my part because the teacher is not mentioned much
in the book.

I think the human right that has been threatened is #23, Workers Rights. Miguel
was working on engines fo the train, until the men from Oklahoma came and
said they would work for less money. Miguel was discriminated by his boss
because his boss liked the white men, not Mexican people. Miguel was told
he could go dig ditches, or go home without pay.

In our excerpt (Miguel losing his job) the human right that has been threatened
is number 23, workers’ rights. This human right has been threatened because
Miguel’s boss told him he had to do a less paying and skilled job because some
Okies will do the job for half the money. Also, Miguel was made to dig ditches
because he is Mexican.

Second Step: Managing Frustration

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To calm down if you’re feeling frustrated you can calm down by counting,
positive self talk, and breathing.

How I calm down when I am  feeling frustrated is talking to myself, taking deep
breaths, and counting down.

In Second Step, we did a thumb activity that was hard, which made most of us
frustrated. We then used S-T-E-P to calm down.  It worked!

I thought that it was not that frustrating when you don’t have hand eye
coordination for the pinky-thumb activity.

We did a human knot activity during second step on Tuesday. We all found it
very frustrating because we all had different ideas to untwist ourselves, and
we weren’t really listening to each other.


Time for Kids Magazine Olympics Edition:

Something I learned about the 2018 Olympics is that the Chloe Kim is a U.S. snowboarder. ~Lucy

One thing I learned is a kid (within age) can be in the Olympics.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

5B Classroom News: Week of Feb. 5th

A note from Mrs. Burke:  Students have continued to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. this month from our read aloud book Martin Luther King, Jr. by Rob Lloyd Jones. Here are pictures from our bulletin board where students wrote about a gift they would give to the world, which was inspired by the work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fire Safety:

This week we had Fire Safety. We reviewed all of the things that we have learned in the past. This includes: checking your fire detectors, making sure you have at least two exits out of every room in case that there is a fire and an exit is blocked that you have another way out. And lastly, making sure that your family has a meeting spot because if one family member doesn’t know where to meet the rest of the family, the fire department might think that you are still in the burning house. Then after that we read a book about the Triangle Factory. The event was absolutely horrible. It was about these two friends that worked in a factory that made clothing for women. But unfortunately a fire was caused because of the extra fabric that was everywhere and because of the oil that was in the sewing machines. Soon the entire building was on fire. The door that would be the best exit was locked so that none of the women would try to leave early. The character in the book survived. But many, many women died in the fire. Luckily, we have new rules now, but back then, when the story took place, the rules were different. Many of us have learned how important it is to have a safe place that has at least two exits out of every room.

I learned that you never go on a elevator during a fire.

Math: Students are learning the standard algorithm of mulitplication
When you are doing standard algorithm for multiplication you have to remember
that when you start to multiply your tens you have to put a zero below.

You have to remember that you have to carry the tens to the other row. And
you have to put a ‘’zero’’ if you are multiplying.  

What you have to remember when you are doing the standard algorithm is you have to remember to start with your ones and do your housekeeping. You also have to remember to put a zero in the ones when you finish the ones.   

I think math is starting to make sense now that we are doing Standard Algorithm.
It makes a lot more sense then it did before.

In math we are learning about standard algorithm but as multiplication and it is fun and I am getting really good at it too.

We are starting to work on division.

Second Step:

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This week in second step we learned about managing anxiety. I sometimes have anxiety before competing. Now, I know some things I can do to help.

Keyboarding Practice:
In school we have new keyboard covers and they help us with typing speed.

The keyboard covers help a lot with learning how to type without looking down
at the keyboard because even if you look down with a keyboard cover, you can’t
see the keyboard.

The keyboard covers help me type without looking at the buttons.
- Alexander

The keyboard covers are helping me learn how to type because they help
with no cheating.
~ Colby

Keyboarding covers are amazing and are really helpful!  In fact, I would rather
use these for normal typing!

The keyboarding practice cover is helping me type without looking at the keys
because you really have to memorize where the keys are.  

The new keyboard covers are very helpful  but, they are also very angering!
Overall, they are slowly building good habits and teaching me to type properly.