Friday, January 26, 2018

5B Classroom News: Week of Jan. 22nd

A note from Mrs. Burke:
The students had a chance to improve their keyboarding skills this week by using new keyboard covers I provided. We talked about having perseverance while learning to type without looking at the keyboard. They were great sports and worked really hard on this new skill. Many were frustrated, some were angry, others really loved it, but no matter how they felt, they all persevered and didn't give up! Here is what some had to say:

Today in class we were reviewing our keyboarding skills. Lots of us often look at the keyboard while we are typing. To achieve our goal, Mrs. Burke made keyboard covers that we put on top of our keyboard, and then we were not able see our keyboard which will hopefully solve our problems. I’m really enjoying this new tool that we will be able to use throughout the course of the year!

We did keyboarding practice with cloth over our hands and it was super ANGERING.


During keyboarding practice we are training ourselves to not look at the keyboard.
                   - Sophia

We are learning how to type with keyboard covers.
 - Larkyn

Language Arts:  
Literary Essays and Two and Three Voice Poems for Esperanza Rising

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In our literary essay, we are writing about the differences between how two characters react to the same situation.

In my literary essay, I wrote about Mama and Esperanza’s reactions to moving into a new home. Esperanza was very angry that they were living in such bad (in her opinion) conditions. Mama wants to be a good role model for her and acts happy.


I am writing an essay about Miguel losing his job.


I am writing about a fight that Miguel and Esperanza are having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Colby

In my literary essay I am writing about the immigration sweep with Paige.
We are talking about Marta and Josefina and what they are doing in the
immigration sweep.

My group is actually doing a three-voice poem. We are all doing our essays
about different people but our three-voice poem is about Hortensia,
Mama, and Esperanza.

Please click here to listen to some of the students reading their two-voice poems.

We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and how it relates to Esperanza Rising

How Martin Luther King, Jr. and Esperanza Rising connect is because they
both talk about racism and who can be what, even if they are a different
religion or color or anything. Only white people could do whatever they
wanted and they would not get arrested.   

I have learned that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in April 4 1968.

Science:  Gravity

Gravity is the force that pulls objects to the ground. The bigger the object, the harder gravity is pulling on it. That is what causes your weight.

I learned that the bigger the planet the more gravity and the smaller the planet the less gravity.

I learned that the bigger the planet the bigger the pull of gravity.

In science we have been learning about gravity. I learned that Earth is the only
planet with a perfect amount of gravity!!

Gravity is a force.

I learned that how small the planet is, the less gravity there is. -- Makayla

Social Studies: The American Revolution

Image result for i survived the american revolution 1776

In the book I Survived the American Revolution, 1776 I learned that some of it was on Bunker Hill which was really called Breed Hill.

In social studies we are reading an I survived book.


In math we are learning about decimals.

In math we are learning about rounding.

In 5R math, we are learning algorithm, and standard algorithm, and a bit about  
place values with decimals.

Second Step: Learning how to calm down when you have strong emotions.

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The steps to help you calm down are:
1: STOP, 2: Name your feeling, and 3: Calm down. Those are the three steps to calming down when you have a strong feeling.  For example, MAD, sad, scared, embarrassed, anxious.  Those are only some of the strong emotions.

In Second Step we learned about calming down by naming your feeling then take a breath.

Here are students practicing the steps to help them calm down when they have strong emotions:

Saturday, January 13, 2018

5B Classroom News: Week of Jan. 8th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
Due to the short school week, students will not be blogging next week. Enjoy reading what they posted this week about two-voice poetry in language arts and gravity in science.

Language Arts:

Image result for esperanza rising

A two-voice poem is a poem that does not always include rhymes.  Instead, it is two people talking back and forth in a pattern.

In language arts we wrote two-voice poems, and I was partnered up with Ella.  We wrote about the Immigration sweep. My character’s name is Marta.  This was a really fun project!

A two-voice poem is a poem that two people recite together.  My partner and I wrote about the chapter ‘’Los Duraznos’’.  This chapter is about when Miguel loses his job and his boss makes him dig the ditches.  I am Esperanza and my partner Cordelia is Miguel. ----Addyson

This week, Logan and I wrote a two-voice poem about Mama and Esperanza moving into a cabin at a camp after their house burned down. A two-voice poem doesn’t have to rhyme, but both people play the perspective, or role, of a character. I was Esperanza.-Nolan

A two-voice poem is a poem with two people talking, and a row where they’re both talking. I wrote about Esperanza Rising, the immigration sweep, with a partner.


We are learning about Gravity and it is fun.
  • Larkyn

Learning about gravity was fun.

I thought that this magnet ruler test was cool, because of how the paper clips stayed up, even though it was not touching the magnet. This was an interesting way to go against the ways of gravity and the magnets. My partner and I decided that it would be best if we tried to lower the towers, but then we just kept it at its regular length. I hope we do more.

We did a gravity experiment and tried to keep paper clips up when we had a ruler and magnets up on top of two towers and we had to tape the paper clips on string and put the string on the table via tape.~Jocelyn~

The paper clip floated in mid-air and it fell down when I took the ruler away.~ Colby

It taught me that gravity is so cool. -Alexander

It taught me that the gravity of Earth is not as powerful as a small magnet about ¼ of an inch from a paper clip.

The magnet ruler investigation taught me about gravity. The magnet ruler has a force and if you take away the force, the paper clips fall.