Sunday, June 11, 2017

5B Classroom News: Week of June 3rd

This will be our last blog post for the school year.  Thank you to all of the students who shared their reflections this year!  

Reading about the American Revolution
In the book Woods Runner Samuel found his parents after they got captured.

Writing Using the Storybird App
On Storybird we are making stories and everyone is making funny weird poems.

Science:  Phases of the Moon
Yesterday we did a science investigation with Oreos.  We split the Oreos in half and took a plastic knife and cut the frosting to look like different phases of the moon. After, we got to eat them!! *YUM*
    - Kendall

We used some Oreos to show the phases of the moon.

Rehearsing for the 5th Grade Graduation Celebration
We are having a graduation celebration on Tuesday the 13th, I think.  We will be singing 2 songs called The Climb and Roar.  My favorite song is Roar because it’s cool and I get to sing very loud (which I do all the time for no reason) but it’s really fun.  We all sang the songs really well, but we need to work on being a little bit louder.  Well, we sing loud when we sing Roar, but not so much when we sing The Climb.  Tootles :):):):):):)
-LIlly Wheeler

On whatever day it is we will be singing Roar and The climb. I'm not very excited about it but… I kinda have to. But at least I get to see a slideshow.

Miscellaneous News
Nick and I made up a group called N.E.R.Ds and  it stands for nutritious, exciting, radical, dudes.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

5B Classroom News: Week of May 30th

Science:  Space Systems
In science this week, students used the evidence they gathered in two investigations to answer this question:  What is gravity?

In the first investigation, no matter which way students tilted the pencil, the paper clips always pointed down to the ground. We discussed how the Earth's gravity is what holds everything, including us, to the ground.  In this investigation the paperclips were being pulled toward the Earth by gravity, but couldn't fall to the ground because the string attached to the paperclips and the pencil were holding them in the air.  However, no matter which way they tilted the pencil, the paperclips continued to be pulled straight toward the floor by gravity.


In the second investigation, students explored how gravity can be overcome by using magnets. This investigation took lots of perseverance!  Getting the tower to hold the magnetic ruler was a huge challenge, but students never gave up and were all successful in defying gravity.


Exercising with Mrs. Marshall:
Our occupational therapist joined the class this week to teach them some exercises to build their core strength which helps with fine motor skills and precision.

We did strength exercises with an occupational therapist named Mrs.Marshall and worked with our abdominal muscles and our leg muscles.  
-Brody Tyburski    

Our Field Trip on Thursday to the Hartford Memorial Middle School:
On Thursday we went on a field trip to the Hartford Memorial Middle School.  When we get into the middle school we are separated and put onto 4 different teams.  The names of those teams are Altitude, Nova, Zapatera, and Equanox.  I really want to be on team Nova because my brother, Abe, was on team Nova.  A lot of people want Altitude like my friends Kendall and Leiyah because their siblings, or family members, were on team Altitude.  I hope that most people will get the team that they want, but you don’t always get what you want in life. Tootles.
-Lilly Wheeler

On Thursday we went to the Hartford Memorial Middle School and toured the school, and then we learned a little about the school.  It was so fun. The team I want to be on is Zappaterra.

Yesterday we went on a trip to HMMS. We got a tour of the school. My favorite part of the middle school was the lunch room. We got to visit some classes. We got to see some of the 6th graders that went to OQS last year.

Yesterday we went on a field trip to HMMS.  We got to see all the classrooms and get to know where everything is so that the people who are going to the middle school get a sense of what it feels like.  We met the principal of the school and she was my group’s tour guide. We also got to see some of the people we knew from our school last year who are now 6th graders.  They answered some of our questions and told us about their experience at the middle school.

We went to the middle school yesterday and it was HUGE!!!!! I saw Lily's brother Abe in a class there. When we went to the band room where we heard music and it was one of my favorite songs.  It was called Ride. Also, lots of people at the middle school well…..not a lot of people but SOME people there know Brody and we also ran into the same 6th or 7th graders at the middle school.

On Thursday we went to the Hartford Middle School and we got a tour of the school and my favorite part was the cafeteria because you have a choice of a drink besides milk and just the main meal. I hope that I am on team Altitude because my sister was on it and we know all the teachers really well.
-Leiyah :)

Writing Narratives using the StoryBird App:
On Storybird we are writing stories using or colonial journals from the colonies unit. We find our pictures and write chapters using the notes from our journals. Most everyone is using a long form book which is chapters because we can write more, and in picture books on every page you can only write a certain amount. We can also have fun with pictures and put them on pages of our book. In our colonial journals we have notes of days during the colonial unit when we gained or lost food, people, and household items. We recorded that and now we are putting the evidence into our stories.