Sunday, October 29, 2017

5B Classroom News: Week of Oct. 23rd

A note from Mrs. Burke:
I emailed confirmations for parent teacher conferences.  If you did not receive an email from me, please let me know.  I'm looking forward to conferences and discussing your child's progress in 5th grade.

Here is the learning that occurred this past week, from the perspective of students in 5B:


In math we are learning about fractions and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them.

In math we are learning about fractions.
    - LARKYN

In math with Ms. Rhoades, we are starting a new unit about fractions.

Language Arts: 
Students are reading the book Esperanza Rising and learning about human rights and how these rights are threatened in the book.

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Article two of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is don’t discriminate.

Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights say’s don’t discriminate.

Social Studies:
Students are learning about colonization.  As part of this unit they are reading the book Blood on the River and researching a colonial trade.

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In the book Blood on the River. The Native Americans have attacked the colony and then they all were sick and lots of people died.

In the book Blood on the River, we have been reading about what the French did when the reached Virginia.  President Wingfield is the current president and is treating his people unfairly.

In the book Blood on the River the Indians attacked and killed one of the workers named James.

In social studies we all are learning about colonial trades from back in the 16 hundreds.

I learned that a silversmith makes things out of silver and gold.

Here is one of our students sharing the information she researched 
about the saddler trade.

Read Aloud Book:
Students are drawing houses that are inspired by the book The Twenty-One Balloons.  Their drawing will be displayed on the bulletin board outside our classroom door so you can see them during parent teacher conferences.

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In the book The Twenty-One Balloons we are listening to Professor Sherman tell his story about Krakatoa. I do not think he should be telling them about the diamond mines though, because they said that he needed to keep Krakatoa a secret.

I am drawing a Japanese house.

Second Step:
In Second Step this week, students were learning the difference between being aggressive and passive, and what it means to be assertive.  They participated in an activity where they had to sculpt their partner into an aggressive or passive stance.

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    ~ COLBY

Saturday, October 21, 2017

5B Classroom News: Week of Oct. 16th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
This week I sent an email asking parents/guardians to sign up for a parent/teacher conference.  If you haven't signed up yet, please click here.  Please sign up for a conference by October 25th.  I look forward to seeing you at the November conference.

Here is what our classroom reporters wrote this week about what they have learned.

On Wednesday we had a math assessment.
~ Colby

In math on Wednesday we had a test and on Tuesday we studied and worked on papers for the subjects we needed to work on.

In math we are working on division.

We have been getting ready to do a math test.  First, we looked at the pretest when we did not know everything. Now that we know everything we will do the new test.  

In math we are starting PEMDAS. They’re really fun!

Language Arts:

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In Esperanza Rising, Esperanza and Mama are fleeing to California because their uncle burned down their house.

Mama, Esperanza, and Hortensia all are in a fig wagon and stuck in between the figs and the wagon. There is a little compartment  big enough for a 13 year old and two woman.

Yesterday we did a little more reading in Esperanza Rising.

Using the book Esperanza Rising, students practiced finding evidence that shows which humans rights, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, were threatened.


Social Studies:

Image result for blood on the river book
In the book, Blood on the River, they have arrived at the mysterious island and have discovered new trees with itchy sticky sap that gives you a rash and bumps.

I learned that a silversmith is a person who makes stuff out of silver and sometimes gold.

In social studies I learned a little more about blacksmiths.

As part of our unit on colonization, students researched colonial trades and used their notes to complete an apprentice application.


Second Step
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In Second Step this week we continued talking about attentive listing. We watched a video about a boy who wasn’t listening to his friend. When his friend finds out that he wasn't listing he got upset. Everybody could empathize for the friend. But also the the boy who wasn’t listing because he probably he felt really bad.

We are learning about listening.
- Jamie

This week in Second Step we learned that we should always listen to the person who is speaking. You should always listen to the person who is speaking because you would miss out on what they’re talking about, or what if it's important? What would you do?
- Lyssette

In Second Step, we are learning how to be attentive listeners.  Some of the things we have practiced are to repeat what the speaker says, and to focus all your attention on the speaker.