Saturday, January 12, 2019

5B Classroom News: Week of January 7th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
Happy New Year!  2019 is off to a great start in 5B.  Students have been practicing random acts of kindness, are continuing to learn about the American Revolution, as well as learning about the structures of matter through an investigation.  Keep reading to see what our classroom reporters wrote about this week.

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Why did we create the Random Acts of Kindness bulletin board?  What are some acts of kindness you wrote to go into the envelopes on our bulletin board?  What are some random acts of kindness you have done this past week?

We created the kindness board because most of the class isn't being kind to each other and being inappropriate. Mrs. Burke thought a  kindness board will help us be more kind to one another.

We have a bulletin board outside our classroom, 5B. On that bulletin board we have sixteen envelopes filled with cards that have Acts of Kindness suggestions in them. Each envelope has a drawing of an Act of Kindness which every student drew one. Not knowing whose envelope is whose for reasons that others won’t ONLY choose one person. Everyday, every classmate of 5B has to go choose a card out of a random envelope. Once I got a card saying that I should talk to someone I don’t usually talk to! We do this because students have been misbehaving. And the teachers get told too many times. So that’s why we
have the Act of Kindness bulletin board.

We created the Random Acts Of Kindness bulletin board because a lot of
people were being inappropriate, rude, and unkind to classmates. Some
random acts of kindness I have done this past week were, giving someone
a high five, holding the door, help a teacher, and help someone carry their stuff.

The reason we created the Random Acts of kindness bulletin board is because we were not doing many kind things. One act of kindness I wrote to go into the envelopes on our bulletin board is sit next to someone different at lunch. Another act of kindness I wrote is play with someone different at recess.  One random act of kindness I have done this past week is compliment someone on their outfit.

We created the Random Acts of Kindness bulletin board because a lot of my
peers were misbehaving. This includes saying bad words, being rude to people,
hurting people, being disrespectful, and taking other people’s belongings. We took envelopes and decorated them, making sure no one could tell which envelope belonged to which person, then we all made little cards with something nice that we should do written on them. We could add a picture if we wanted. Then the teachers randomly stuck the cards in different envelopes. Every morning we are supposed to pick a card from an envelope, and then do what it says. They normally say stuff like make a card for a teacher, or compliment 5 people. This is supposed to make our behavior better, and it is working. Keep calm and be kind!

We created the Random Acts of Kindness bulletin board because there was a lot of bad things people were writing in the communication box about others people's bad behaviors. Some random acts of kindness that I got were talk to someone new and hold something for someone.

We created it because we were being rude to each other.

We created random acts because people weren’t being really nice. I wrote, “Hold the door for someone.” I held the door for someone.

It's kind of new but it is okay. Some of the cards are ones I like.

Draw a picture for a teacher, compliment someone's outfit, and sit next to someone you haven't sat next to at lunch.

Random acts of kindness is fun because we get to do something nice. We get to do something nice for someone.

The Random Acts of Kindness is you pick a card and whatever you get you do it.

Social Studies:  American Revolution
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What did you learn from the American Revolution mini-projects that you worked on? For example, the timeline, the Boston Massacre pop up card, and/or the Battle of
Trenton pop-up card?

We made pop up cards. We made them because we thought it would be fun.
It also talked about the Boston Massacre.

That it looked like the Loyalists never liked the Patriots.

It is fun.

Language Arts:  Broadsides Primary Source Documents
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What did you learn from reading the Broadsides on the computer that were written during the American Revolution?

When we looked at the Broadsides on the computers I learned that sometimes instead of using a normal s, they would make a curly line. I also learned that they were mostly written by Patriots.

We learned that there was a lot of slaughtering back in the colonial days. We
also learned a lot of about tons of different people who contributed to the war.

Science:  Structures of Matter
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What did you learn about structures of matter from the Oil Rainbows investigation you did this week?  What was your prediction for what would happen when we put the jars in the freezer overnight? Was your prediction correct?

We did an experiment with canola oil and colored ice cubes. We mixed them together and it looked like a lava lamp. We also did predictions of what it was going to look like when it was in the freezer.

In science we are learning about structures of matter and how they work

I learned nothing.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

5B Classroom: Week of December 17th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
Most of this blog post will be focused on student reflections from the Colonial Trade Fair Project. I could tell how much they learned during this project from their interactions with "customers" at the trade fair. It was nice to see it all come together after many weeks of research and hard work. I am so proud of all of them! Thank you to those of you who could attend.

I've included pictures from our holiday fun day on Friday. Thank you to the parents who sent in food for our special lunch and to those who volunteered during our craft time.

I also want to take this time to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Enjoy time relaxing with family and friends.

Keep reading to see what students wrote about their Colonial Trade Fair experience.

Colonial America:  The Colonial Trade Fair

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Student Reflections:

Cash the Schoolmaster:
I'm proud of this project because it was very fun and
made me very happy! It has been really fun doing the colonial fair I can't wait to
do it another thing like the colonial fair!

Aubree the Schoolmaster
I had a lot of fun at the colonial fair! I got to learn all about the schoolmaster and how it was in the colonial days. I loved sharing all the information I knew and sharing it with my customers. I hope we do something similar soon.

Jayden the Shoemaker
I am proud of all of us. I learned I lot about the shoes. They make the bottom out of wood.

Madi the Cooper
From this project I learned the tools coopers used, what they made, and the different types of coopers there were. I am most proud of the many costumers I got and the hard work on the brochure.  

Madylyn the Homemaker
I am most proud of my essay and my costume. I am really impressed of how realistic my costume looked as a homemaker. The colonial trade fair was so fun I wish I could do it again!

Nevaeh the Wigmaker
I'm most proud of my brochure because it was nice to work on. I'm also proud of my colonial essay because it was interesting. I'm also proud of the colonial trade fair because it was a fun experience.

Owen the Doctor
I learned that some people got grossed out because of the leeches and the creepy tools. And that people asked me what was the funniest fact you learned and I said that when the patient dies I still get the money. The doctor was the best to learn about.

Zachary the Silversmith
I think we did a really good job during the colonial trade fair with talking to customers and costumes.

Braelyn the Milliner

Randy the Wheelwright
It would be fun to be a wheelwright during colonial times.

Jack the Blacksmith
It was interesting to try something new and I loved making tools.The trade fair was fun to learn something interesting about the jobs.I hope the kids next year have fun with this project.

Lyndsey the Apothecary

Maximus the Joiner
The  Colonial Trade Fair was this week and it was fun. One thing that I learned is that the joiner would build and repair buildings. The thing that I am most proud of is my essay because it took the longest to make.

Abigail the Peddler
I learned that the Peddler existed and what they did. I am most proud of my research because there weren’t very many websites, so I had to find as much as I could from those websites. I think the the trade fair went very well and I loved this unit. I also think I did pretty well on my essay, but no one read it.

Flynn the Hatter

Taylor the Cooper
I had so much fun talking to people and saying all the facts and all my props that I had on the table. I was the cooper. It was so much fun to dress up as a character.

Here are the students interacting with their "customers" at the Colonial Trade Fair:


Holiday Fun:  Crafts along with crazy hair and crazy hat day!