Saturday, February 15, 2020

5B Classroom News: Week of Feb. 10th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
It's been a busy time in 5B! On Friday, students did an outstanding job reading their narrative monologues based on events from the book Esperanza Rising! I am very proud of all of them! Students will be reflecting on their performance after the February break. On Wednesday they participated in our class room spelling bee. Even though only 3 students from each class go through to the school spelling bee, they each tried their best and were very supportive of each other. Way to go 5B! As part of I Love To Read Week, students have been participating in many activities this week to celebrate their love of reading. You will read about these in their reflections this week. Also, the students earned another classroom alphabit celebration for following our classroom expected behaviors. They voted and decided to put on a classroom talent show. Keep reading to see pictures and their reflections about these events.

I hope you all have a restful February break next week!

Classroom Spelling Bee

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Andre, Cody, and Colin will be representing 5B
in the OQS Spelling Bee.

Peyton and Max are alternates in case any of our 3 finalists
cannot make it to the OQS Spelling Bee.

Classroom Alphabit Celebration:  5B Talent Show! 
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If you were in the audience, what did you like most about the 5B talent show?
The thing that I liked about the talent show was the amount of variety of the acts because it really allowed people to show their personality.

I was in the audience and what I liked most about the 5B talent show was the teacher act with Peyton, Charleigh, Alisha, and TrivAann.

If you participated in the 5B talent show, why did you choose the act that you performed?  What did you like most about your performance?
I chose to tell jokes for the 5B talent show because I like to make my friends laugh and have fun.  What is a computer's favorite snack? A computer chip!

For my act in the talent show I performed a couple of magic tricks.  I chose this act because I like watching professionals perform close-up magic, and I’ve learned some easy tricks from family members.  So it’s really fun. My favorite part of my act was when I tried one that my uncle taught me on Peyton, and since I hadn't done it in a long time, I pulled the wrong card!  It was very funny, and I had a great time!

I just did it for fun. There was no reason I did it. I liked it because it was fun.

I demonstrated how to draw an orange. I liked how cute the oranges were and how everybody tried to draw along with me on the white boards.

I chose the skit I did because it shows the little things can be the nicest. What I liked about my performance was when I let Peyton out of the room and she got upset. 

My act for the class talent show was a skit. We performed it because we thought it would be funny. I liked the part when I got angry. I liked Colin's act.
- Peyton

I chose to do magic because I want to learn to be better at magic in front of lots of others. I liked how everyone thought they knew what I did but from their face that they really didn’t know. I liked how everyone tried their best.

Wear Your Words Day:

Why did you choose to wear these words for Wear Your Words Day?
I chose to wear a t-shirt that said “Love Love Love” on it. I did this because it supports the LGBTQ community. Also, my uncle is gay so the LGBTQ community is part of my family.

Why I chose to wear rescue dog words on my shirt was because I have a rescue dog.

I wore my basketball words because they mean a lot to me because it reminds me the first time I played basketball.
- Kayd

I chose them because it was fun and it is about me.

I chose my Barnard Fire Department shirt because Mrs. Rhodes is the gym teacher and has a husband in the Barnard Fire Department and he is Ms. Rhodes son. So I decided since I had gym, math, and it has words on it I would wear it for that day.

I chose to wear words because it was wear your words day.

Dress As Your Favorite Book Character Day:

Describe the character you dressed up as on Dress As Your Favorite Book Character Day.  What is the title of the book the character is from? Why did you pick this character?
My character is the purse lady from Dog Man and Cat Kid. I picked this character because it was the easiest for me.

I dressed up as Piggie from Elephant and Piggie. I picked it for my twin sisters, Zoe and Via.

The Character I dressed up as was Goku/Kakerot from Dragon Ball Z. I picked this character because I am a big fan of Dragon Ball Z.

I dressed as Babe Ruth because I have been reading a good book about Babe
Ruth and it was the most fun I have I in one day and I loved seeing everyone else
in their book character.