Sunday, September 16, 2018

5B Classroom: Week of September 10th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
After this post, all future blog posts will be written by the students!  During the morning check in time, students will be classroom reporters so they can let you know what's been going on in class.  It's a wonderful opportunity for them to write with a purpose, to an audience.  I also look forward to reading what they take away from what we do in class.

Here I some highlights I captured from this past week:  

Getting to Know You Activity: We All Fit Together in 5B!
During the first week of school, students completed a community building activity where each student decorated a large puzzle piece sharing some information about themselves. We put the puzzle pieces together to decorate one of our classroom bulletin boards.  I learned many interesting things about each student from family, pets, and hobbies, to favorite colors, adjectives to describe themselves, and much more!  Student also learned about things they have in common, as well as their differences.  Our bulletin board is finally complete:

We started our unit on Engineering and Design.  Students are learning about each step in the Engineering and Design process through investigations. 

Here is this week's investigation.

Investigation: Foil Boats

The Problem: The Pennies Club are out for a leisurely afternoon on a boat.  Everything was just peachy until the boat sprang a leak and sank!  The only supply they have is a 1 ft by 1 ft piece of aluminum foil.  You need to rescue as many members of the Pennies Club as you can.


Students worked hard as they followed the steps in the Engineering and Design process to solve the problem in this investigation.  Some groups struggled as they found out it wasn't easy to all agree on one design.  

Language Arts: The American Revolution

Image result for colonial voices hear them speak

Students are continuing to learn about The American Revolution.  They have been reading many texts that describe different perspectives of the war.  The focus this week was on the perspective of the Loyalists.

Second Step:  

Image result for second step logo

We started our Second Step program this week.  This is a program the entire school uses.  It teaches the students about empathy and problem solving.  The focus this week was to introduce the students to the topics they will be learning about this year in 5th grade.  We had a discussion about what they learned in Second Step last year and how the topics are different this year.  I will teach a Second Step lesson every week.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

5B Classroom: Week of September 4th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
It was another wonderful week of getting to know each other better with some more team building activities thrown into the mix of things.  Students also started changing classes this week. They go to Ms. Rhoades for math, and I teach her class language arts.  They transitioned and settled in well.

Soon, the students will be taking over the classroom blog and you will be reading their reflections about things we are leaning in 5B.  

I'm looking forward to another amazing week of learning with them!

Here are some highlights from the week of September 4th:

Language Arts:

Image result for colonial voices hear them speak

In language arts students are leaning about The American Revolution.  We have been reading the book Colonial Voices:  Hear Them Speak to get different perspectives about the war.  Students have been reading other resources as well, to answer questions they have about The American Revolution.

Spider Web Challenge:
It was our biggest team building challenge so far and I'm happy to report that the students nailed it!  They worked together as a whole class to figure out how to get each other through the spider web (i.e., ropes set up on the TOOLs trail to look like a huge spider web) without shaking the spider web too much.  There was great sportsmanship, no arguing, and wonderful collaboration.  This is a very difficult task and I'm so proud of all of them for working together and succeeding. Thank you Mr. Clough for your help. Take a look at them in action:

Classroom Alphabit Celebration:
5B has been earning alphabits for showing me expected behaviors in the classroom. Their goal was to get 100 alphabits and they did it!  They voted to celebrate by going on the zip line in the TOOLs area.  They had so much fun!  Keep up the great work 5B!

Go Noodle Brain Breaks:
Image result for gonoodleTo get up an moving in the classroom we take brain breaks using the GoNoodle program.  This group loves to get up and follow along!  My star of the day (classroom helper) gets to choose the brain breaks. Here they are enjoying one of their brain breaks:

Morning Choice:
Sometimes when the students arrive in the morning they can choose from 5 activity centers set up in the room.  This is a relaxing way to start their day and socialize with their friends.  Here they are during their first morning choice: