Sunday, September 15, 2019

5B Classroom News: Week of Sept. 9th

A note from Mrs. Burke:  
It was another wonderful week in 5B! The students continue to work hard and are doing a great job following the expected behaviors for the classroom that they wrote together. They started switching classes this week and go to Ms. Rhoades' room for math. This gives them a chance to get a feeling for what middle school will be like where they will have multiple teachers. They have also been using their laptops more which has given them a chance to use what they learned from our acceptable use policy presentation. Finally, they designed the classroom seating during the first two weeks of school, and had a chance to use the flexible seating this week. Based on what they posted this week, they really enjoyed having a say in how the classroom is set up. Keep reading to see what our classroom reporters posted this week!

Acceptable Use Policy:  
What did you learn from our acceptable use policy presentation?  Which poster did you help create to remind us of important things we need to do when using technology in our school?

I made the prohibited and non-prohibited uses poster.

We use the computer as it is intended. We use it responsively, too, and we do what’s expected.

I helped make the Google images so kids will know how to search stuff and to search the right stuff.

I help make the google image search poster.

You can't use your password except for school purposes only. Our group did device care.

Flexible Seating:  
What do you like about the flexible seating options in our classroom?  Which seating is your favorite? Why?

I like the stools and the wobbly stool is my favorite because it wobbles.

I enjoyed helping my classmates come up with a plan for flexible seating in the classroom.

I liked the flexible seating and we get to choose where we sit at the table if the seat is not being used.

The flexible seating options are fun because you can wobble if you need to move
while you are sitting.  My favorite flexible seating is the wobble stool because it’s
to wobble in.

I like that our class can pick what our classroom looks like and make it more comfy for the class. 

I liked the flexible seating because the different kinds of chairs can help me focus.
My favorite kind of seating is the wobbly stool because it allows me to move in different
directions and allows me wobble which helps me focus.

I like that my class can choose what we can put in our classroom. It's fun when
you get to choose what goes in your class. You get to pick a bear every Monday
and we get to sit in a new seat every week and a new flexible seating based on
the color bear you choose.

My favorite part about the flexible seating is that no matter where I sit I am
comfortable and relaxed, but I can still work attentively.  All flexible seating is
good, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the spinny red chairs.
I like them because you get to raise your seat up and down, but it also is insanely
comfortable.  Above all though, it SPINS!

I like having flexible seating in the classroom because it's fun and we can have different seating every week. My favorite flexible seating in the classroom is the wobbly stool. I like it because I can move around and stay in one place.


I like the wobbly cushion because it can wobble while you sit on it. Also because
you can use it as a back cushion and you can use it for your feet.

I loved doing the flexible seating because I got to get the bouncy band chair with
disc and it helps me with learning. 

I like how everybody had a say in where they want the seat.My favorite is the red high top chair because it adjusts the height and turns.

My favorite seating are the red spinny chairs because they're cozy.

I liked how we got to design the classroom ourselves and my favorite seating is the
wobbling stool because I can focus and I like to move.

Here are the students exploring the different seating options in the

And, here they are in their new flexible seats after they helped set up the

Classroom Expected Behaviors:  

What are some of the expected behaviors in our classroom, created by students in 5B, to help us remember PAWS: Practice Safety, Act Responsibility, Work to Learn, Show Respect?

Clean up after ourselves,help students and teachers, and be kind.

Some of the expected behaviors are: listen to the teacher, focus, and use materials as intended.