Sunday, October 7, 2018

5B Classroom: Week of October 1st

A note from Mrs. Burke:
It was an exciting week in 5B with marshmallows flying through the air as students battled with the catapults they made during our Engineering & Design unit. There was wonderful sportsmanship during the battles. I'm so proud of the class for cheering each other on, offering advice when catapults fell apart, and shaking hands at the end of a battle. It was very impressive.

Take a look at what our classroom reports wrote about this week:

Language Arts:  The American Revolution

Image result for colonial voices hear them speak

What have you learned this week about Native Americans and their role in the American Revolution?

What I have learned about Native American, was that they also fought for liberty, like the black slaves. They did not just fight for themselves, they fought for the Loyalists, and the Patriots.

This week in ELA (English language arts) we have been learning about the
Native Americans and how they lost their land and how they both fought each
other.  They used to be peaceful and think everyone would share the land. In
conclusion ELA is awesome!

I learned about the Native Americans and their role in the American Revolution.
I learned that the Native Americans worked for both sides in the American

Science: Engineering & Design: The Lego Catapult Battle

What did you observe during the battle?

It was fun.

During the battle I observed that some people needed more time than others
because some of the catapults were shorter than others.

What surprised you during the battle?

What surprised me during the battle was that it only took us two days for the
battle to end. I was expecting more than two days because some were taking
really long.

I was surprised when my catapult broke.

During the battle I was surprised when I was in the finals.

What would you improve if you could do the battle again?

If I could do the Lego catapult battle again, I would change the size of the arena
and the number of battles per person. I would change the size of the arena so
your catapult could shoot farther. I would do this because I noticed that it was
easier to make a far-shooting catapult than a near-shooting one. The other thing
I would change would be the number of battles in two ways. The first way would
be to have three chances to shoot down someone’s lego person. Three battles
per pair. And the second way would be to have more than one full battle. I would
like to make all of these adjustments so the battle is more fun and interesting for

To go straight and fast.

Next time I will improve by tightening the bottle cap because it kept on falling off.

Social Studies:  Colonial America

Image result for what is a colony

What did you learn this week about Colonial America?

This week for Social Studies we learned about the first colonies and their
problems. For example, we learned about the founder of Georgia, Oglethorpe.

Second Step:  Learning to be assertive.

Image result for second step logo

In Second Step we are learning how to be assertive, not passive or aggressive.
I like Second Step his year!

Here are students showing what it looks like to be aggressive:

Here are students showing what it looks like to be passive:

Read Aloud: Wonder

We are reading aloud Wonder to complement our lessons in Second Step. After reading a chapter or two, we discuss strategies the characters could have used to show empathy and compassion.

Related image

What happened to Auggie in Wonder this week?   

In Wonder, Auggie got a tour of the school by Charlotte, Julian, and Jack Will.
Mr.Tushman called Jack by his first and last name so Auggie thought that
Jackwill was his first name then Julian made fun of Auggie.

What happened to Auggie is that he finally asked some questions and then
a character named Julian laughed at him.

This week in the chapter of Wonder we read, Charlotte, Julian, and Jack took
Auggie on a tour around the school. They showed him homeroom, and science.
- Abigail

This week Auggie is getting a tour around his posible new school.  

What happened to Auggie in Wonder this week is he got picked on because
he didn’t know what a homeroom was.

This week in Wonder, Auggie is having a tour of the school he is going to and
he gets to meet some new friends. Wonder has been amazing.

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