Sunday, May 13, 2018

5B Classroom Blog: Week of May 7th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
Thank you to students and families for making me feel so special during teacher appreciation week.  This year's fifth graders really make it a pleasure to come to work each day.  Thank you parents and guardians for your continued support.  I am very grateful for the acts of kindness I received from your children this week and throughout the school year.

A note of important dates was sent home with 5th graders this week.  In case your child did not share this paper with you, please click here to see dates you should be aware of as the end of the school year approaches. 

Enjoy reading what the students reported this week.

Drop and Walk:  Walk to School Day

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Drop and Walk is when you drop your backpacks on a table in the cafeteria, the table is assigned to your grade, after you drop your backpack you go outside and walk laps around the field.

Drop and walk was when we walked around the recess soccer field and we could talk with our friends.

Drop and walk was a fun event that let us walk with our friends in the morning. I walked with Bennett, Matthew, Colby, Cavan, and Owen. Also, Mrs. Rhoades gave me a glow-in-the dark zipper for my backpack. I thought it was a fun experience.

The Drop and Walk is when you Drop of your bags in the cafeteira, then you go out on the field and Walk.(Or run)  I liked the warm weather and running to catch up to my friends.

Field Trip:  Music Man, Jr.

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My favorite part in the musical, The Music Man, was seeing a few friends that
I know from Youth Ensemble Studio (YES). The girl who played Marian I know
from YES. And I know another girl from YES who played Amerals in the play.

I loved all of the many songs that the characters were singing.

I liked all of the play. All of the actors were great.

On the ninth we went to the high school to see a play called The Music Man, Jr.
and we got to see the middle school kids in the play. It was fun to see my old
friend act in the play. So that was fun to go see the play.

My favorite part of the Music Man, Jr. was when they sang “76 Trombones”. I was excited to see many of my friends or people I know in the play. I saw Ezra, Simon, and Nicholas.

My favorite part of the musical, The Music Man, Jr., was when the gentlemen were on the train, and they started to wrap, talking about Professor Howard Hills.

My favorite part was when they sang the song Nothing But Trouble Right Here in River City. -Ella

My favorite part was seeing the faces when they kissed.

Classroom Alphabit Celebration

During our classroom alphabit celebration we built forts on the TOOLS trail.

I made a fort.

We went outside on the TOOLs trail for our alphabit celebration on Wednesday.

What I did for the alphabit celebration was picking up scrolls and then putting ferns from the ground on top to make them look like newspapers.

We built forts in the woods but to me it felt like there was only 2 seconds.

Integrated Studies:  Regions of the United States Independent Projects

I am studying the Midwest region of the United States for my independent research project. One thing that I learned about the Midwest is that Minnesota and Iowa have two of the largest state fairs in the country.

In integrated studies I am learning about the Southwest. In the Southwest there are many things that make it unique. There are also things that make it able to connect it to the other regions of the United States. One reason it is unique is the cooks depend on beans and corn. This is very interesting to me because this is how the Native Americans cooke. I would love to visit the Southwest.

I am studying about the southeast and it has 15 states in the SOUTHEAST!!!!!

Art Class:  Wonder

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We are making pictures of us (portraits) with one eye with a word under it that
describes us the best, just like Wonder.

In art we are drawing Wonder faces with writing 50 words mostly about us. It
connects to the book Wonder because the part of the book when Auggie has t
o introduce himself he tells a little about himself and that's what we are doing in art.

In art we are making portraits that are inspired by Wonder. We are painting the
portrait, then writing 50 words or phrases that describe us. This connects to the
book Wonder because the book Wonder is all about accepting everyone as they
are and in our portraits we write 50 words about ourselves around our head, and those words are who we are, and everyone should accept those traits. I am so lucky to be in a class with such amazing students, that are so accepting and kind.  

Second Step:  Problem-Solving Steps

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In Second Step we are learning about how we can use the acronym STEP.
The S stands for "say the problem out loud". T stands for "think of good
solutions". E stands for "explore consequences". And lastly, P stands for
"pick the best solution and make your plan". There is a song we listen to
to remember the acronym. A problem that we constantly have is gossiping.
So maybe we could start using the STEP acronym.