Friday, December 15, 2017

5B Classroom News: Week of Dec. 11th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
This will be our last post of 2017.  I wish you and your family a very happy and relaxing holiday season.  The student reporters will resume posting in 2018.  Happy holidays!

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Giving Back During the Holiday Season

Image result for beatrice's goat book

We are raising money for Heifer Project International by having a winter raffle in the classroom. Each ticket costs 50 cents and each student can sell as many as they wish (as long as they have sold and turned in the previous ten). When the 22nd of December comes around, we are going to draw tickets and win prizes!  But, the real meaning of this is to get as much money raised as possible. We are going to give all the money toward giving a needy family an animal that could provide for them. Beatrice’s family was one of many that was helped from this cause.

We are raising money for Heifer Project International by selling tickets to friends, siblings, and family.  All of the money goes to helping poor families raise money by donating animals to them.  And we are helping, too!

When we read the book Beatrice’s Goat, I learned that goats can be special.

We are selling tickets to raise money for Heifer Project International.

We are raising money for the Heifer project by getting tickets from our teacher (10 of them) then selling them each for 50 cents each. Then once we sell all the tickets it will go to a total for 5 dollars.

I am going to see my family and ask if they want raise money to relate to the book Beatrice’s Goat.

We are selling tickets for Heifer Project International.
    - Larkyn

We are going to raise money by selling tickets and then doing a raffle on the 22nd of December.

Here is the bulletin board students created about the book Beatrice's Goat.  They created a story tree using words and ideas from the book.

Social Studies:  The American Revolution

We are making these books that include facts about the American Revolution. They also have pictures about the people who fought in the American Revolution and what they were called.

Language Arts:  Esperanza Rising

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The articles of the UDHR that threatens the immigration sweep in Esperanza Rising are article 3 the right to life, 5 no torture, and article 7 we’re all equal before the law.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

5B Classroom News: Week of Dec. 4th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
Thank you to all who could attend the holiday concert.  The singing was beautiful and the songs played by the 5th grade band sounded great!  I'm so proud of my students!  Here is a picture I snapped during dress rehearsal for the concert:

Here are a few more pictures from a brain break program we use during school called Go Noodle.  The students decided to dance around the room during this brain break.  It's nice to see them having so much fun at school!

Also, Mrs. Marshall came into our room this week to help students write about their strengths and weaknesses, and the class came up with strategies to work on their weaknesses.  This is an activity the students will also do when they go to middle school.

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Hour of Code:

I really liked Hour of Code. Some things that I really like most about Hour of Code is how your can create your own game, and how you have to think before you do.

I liked hour of code because it was a fun project to use and it taught us to code projects.

Hour of coder was awesome because I played this game called Switch & Glitch.

Language Arts:  Esperanza Rising

Image result for esperanza rising

Mamma has gotten sick from the dust storm and now Mamma has to go to the hospital.   

Social Studies: The American Revolution

Image result for i survived the american revolution 1776

We are reading the book I Survived the American Revolution, 1776 about a character who survives the American Revolution.  It really brings the feeling of a family from that time.

In social studies we are making a pocket book about the American Revolution, which according to the article “Introduction to The American Revolution” is also known as the Revolutionary War, and the War of Independence.


In math we are learning how to add fractions.
     ~ Lucy

We are learning about fractions and how to add and subtract fractions.

We are learning about fractions and LCM and LCD fractions. I have learned how to turn an improper fraction into a common fraction.

In math, we are learning about how to compare different fractions.  We are doing something called finding the common denominator.  Now we can compare fractions!

In math, we are still developing our skills in fractions. On Tuesday, we did two sheets about finding common denominators and adding and subtracting fractions. I did another sheet with Addy about LCDs (least common denominators) and finding if ketchup from two bottles could fit in one bottle when added. That is what we’ve been doing in math.
    - Nolan

In math we are learning about improper fractions.

What we are learning in math is adding and subtracting fractions.

Second Step:

Image result for second step

In Second Step we did an activity to help us learn about what we have in common, and differences we have with our classmates. We used a piece of paper and put things that we liked on the paper.  And then we went to a person and said what we liked and they would say what they liked and we would see what we had in common and what we didn't.    

Book Order:

I finally got my book order and it is awesome.I love to read and now I don’t have to go to the library when I want to read my books.