Thursday, November 8, 2018

5B Classroom: Week of November 5th

A note from Mrs. Burke:
I enjoyed meeting with parents during our student led conferences.  Each child was very articulate about what they have learned and confidently presented their electronic portfolio along with other resources they use in the classroom.  They continue to amaze me every day. I am so proud of them!  Enjoy the long weekend and do something special for a veteran.

Please take a look at what our classroom reporters wrote about this week.

Field Trip to see the Hartford High School Musical:
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What did you like most about the the musical “Once Upon A Mattress?”

What I liked the most about "Once Upon a Mattress "is how the princess drank the sleeping potion but still could not sleep.

It was so funny and it had a lot of songs.

I liked that it was based on another play, but this one was more funny.

I really liked how it seemed like a 3-D and even 4-D movie when the streamers and the confetti went into the audience! I feel bad for the person who hit his head on his way off of the stage, though.
- Flynn

I absolutely LOVED Once Upon A Mattress. What I liked the most was the Jester’s song. The Jester was colorful and energetic. She was a great singer and performer.

I thought it was funny when someone ran into one of the sets and bonked his head. I also liked the queen. She was so dramatic pushing her son over when he tried to ask a question.
- Aubree

We went to the Hartford High School and saw the Princess and the Pea. It was about the princess had not slept because the pea was under all the 20 mattresses. And then she would pass the test, then get married to the king and queen's son, but the queen told the wizard to make it not fair to make her fail.
- Taylor  

Language Arts:  The American Revolution
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Which character did you choose in Divided Loyalties to talk about during our text-based discussion, and what did you share during the discussion?

In ELA we had a discussion. A discussion is when you are able to talk without raising your hand when someone is done. We talked about characters in the book Divided Loyalties.
- Aubree

Social Studies:  Colonial America

Related image
What did you learn this week about the original 13 colonies?

In social studies we had to write 10 sentences about what we learned from a website. It was really fun. I just finished it.
- Aubree

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What are you doing in band to get ready for the winter concert?

In band we are doing different small songs to help us get ready for the concert songs.

We are playing walk the plank and we are getting people to the pages that the songs for the concert are on. And the saxophones are learning how to play softer instead of overpowering the other instruments.

When prepping our instruments for the winter concert, we take practices in and out of school.

In band what we're doing to get ready for the concert is we're doing some concert songs. What else what we're doing is practicing new notes.

In band we are learning a lot of songs once we finish all of them we are going to vote on the ones we like the best.
- Aubree

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